News May 21, 2019

Shift Passes Muster

by Jackson Hole Radio News

An intensive review by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board into complaints leveled against organizers of the outdoor recreation and conservation festival SHIFT has concluded with an announcement of the TTB’s continued financial support.

The TTB commissioned the annual SHIFT Festival, which explores issues between outdoor recreation and conservation, in 2013. Itlicenses the name SHIFT to nonprofit organization The Center for Jackson Hole to execute the activity. As part of its mission to strengthen the coalition of interests dedicated to the protection of the natural world, The Center also runs The Emerging Leaders Program, which trains a diverse group of young outdoor recreationists to participate in the programming at SHIFT. On April 25, a participant of the 2018 Emerging Leaders Program wrote a letter to the TTB requesting that they stop funding SHIFT, alleging that the Center’s programming was culturally insensitive to participants.