- June 28, 2019

BLM Warns Campers On Fire Safety

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Sunshine and blue skies make this time of year ideal for camping and outdoor activities. Bureau of Land Management officials asks public land users to exercise wildfire safety while enjoying public lands through the Independence Day holiday week. Each year, wildland fires cause significant property damage and consume millions of acres of grazing and forage. BLM Wyoming State Fire Management Officer Paul Hohn points out that an improperly extinguished camp fire or unattended grill can easily ignite a wildfire as the tall grasses dry out. Hohn also emphasizes that fireworks are not permitted on BLM-administered lands just as in the national parks or the national forests. The penalties for using fireworks on public land can go beyond a citation and fine. A person found responsible for starting a wildland fire may also be held responsible for suppression costs and damages.