News June 19, 2019

Firewood Permits for Roosevelt Burn Area Available

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Big Piney Ranger District will have firewood cutting available within the Roosevelt Fire burn area this year with a valid firewood cutting permit. Mechanical permits will also be available. Individuals who wish to harvest firewood in the burn area must restrict their cutting to within 300 feet of open roads and only 100% brown needle or black timber may be cut. Be aware that this timber may be green and heavy still. Additionally there are active Timber Sales in the area. These will be marked along the road by black and yellow signs next to the road along with 2 horizontal orange bands facing into the unit. Off the road, there will be 2 horizontal orange lines to indicate sale boundaries or pink paint on the trees to indicate trees that should not be cut. All other rules and regulations that typically apply to firewood cutting are valid along with these restrictions.