- June 19, 2019

Museum Outlines SPET Proposal

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum is outlining their proposal for relocating to the Genevieve Block if efforts to preserve the property are successful. They explain that the overall vision is to create a museum campus, with historic buildings and new construction. They said they want to provide a more exciting way for visitors and residents to engage with local history – wandering through historic buildings, a connection to the activated public Green Space, collaborative opportunities with our neighboring businesses, and increased and enhanced tour offerings.  They propose that SPET money could specifically be used to purchase the land, relocate and rehabilitate the historic cabins from their current site on Mercill Street, construct basement under the Coey Cabin, do site/landscaping work, and a small portion of new construction. Overall this is a $8.8 million project, and the society is asking for SPET to fund half of the project.  Meanwhile, the Jackson Hole Land Trust, together with anonymous donors, are pursuing a future re-platting and subdivision of the block, so that the Historical Society & Museum along with a number of other partners can purchase a portion of the property. The Historical Society plans to purchase a 10,000 square foot lot on the southeast corner of the Block which would have character restrictions placed on it to ensure compatibility with the rest of the Block and the historic character that is so important to the community.