- June 6, 2019

Save the Block 4 Million Goal

by Jackson Hole Radio News

There’s a new goal to make four-million by the fourth. After a successful Million Dollar May campaign in which the Jackson Hole Land Trust was able to bring the money collected to save the Genevieve Block to slightly over $2.2-million with help from a generous million dollar match grant, a new challenge has emerged to raise $4-million by July 4th. The Save the Block Project needs a total of about $8-million by August to keep the block from being sold to a developer and this historic structures there from being razed. The new $4 million by the 4th campaign aims to bridge the gap, asking for an additional 1,000 gifts from community members, bringing a total gifts goal to 3,000 and continuing to place emphasis on the fact that every gift of any size matters. With $4 million raised by July 4, 2019, project partners would then have one month to raise adequate funds by the project’s completion timeline exactly one month later. Since its inception, the Save the Block project has seen over 2,000 gifts from concerned community members to preserve the greenspace and historic character of the Genevieve Block. The historic buildings would then potentially be used to house such non-profit entities like the historical society and museum, and the children’s museum. Community members are encouraged to engage with the Block by using the greenspace all summer for events like the monthly Summer Concert Series hosted on the Block. The Jackson Hole Land Trust plans to also add programming for yoga, lawn game nights, fly-fishing casting sessions, art projects, dance performances and more to the calendar. Additional details about the $4 Million by the 4th  campaign will be announced in the coming days.