News June 17, 2019

Senior Summers Active Outdoors

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Traversing mountainous landscapes to secret fishing holes and hunting locales isn’t just for the young. Older and aging adults can still hunt and fish alongside other outdoor enthusiasts, and many still are — the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is reporting that seniors age 65 and older account for 21 percent of wildlife watchers, 14 percent of anglers and 20 percent of hunters. The secret, according to Wyoming AARP Executive Council member and certified trainer Neil Short, is to get moving and stay active.Training, he says doesn’t even require a gym. Many exercises can be done at home with minimal equipment and objects found in the house or outside on the trail. All that’s needed is a hand weight, like a dumbbell or water bottle and an over-the-door suspension strap — a strap with two handles that is secured in a closed door. All this equipment is available at stores that sell exercise gear. Short says, with these movements outdoor recreationists should remain competent outsideas they age.