- September 5, 2019

Phishing Attacks Up

by Jackson Hole Radio News

With cell phone carriers constantly updating their networks, we typically don’t think twice when receiving information about settings being updated, but now we should start being more skeptical. New research from Check Point Software, one of the largest and longest-standing cyber security companies in the world, has discovered a new class of phishing attacks that steal emails on Android devices by disguising an SMS message as an innocent “update network settings” message from carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T. It takes only a single SMS message to gain full access to your emails. Check Point explains that when you first join a new carrier network, you’ll get a warm, welcome message from your carrier. However the caution, do NOT trust it. People naively think those messages are safe. Simply, we can’t trust those texts anymore. What makes these email phishing attacks dangerous is that you’re vulnerable outside of Wi-Fi hotspots. Threat actors are becoming better at extracting information outside of Wi-Fi hotspots each and every single day. Check Points adds, we need to be on extra alert, especially when we’re not connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots.