Top Stories September 11, 2019

Runaway Truck Breaks Through Arrestor

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The cable arrestor system for runaway trucks on Teton Pass was not quite enough to totally stop a pick-up pulling a gooseneck trailer loaded with logs shortly before 4:00 pm Tuesday. Wyoming Highway Patrol Lieutenant Matt Brackin says the truck, which was driven by a Riverton man had crested the pass traveling Eastbound, and the brakes began to fail about a mile downhill. Lt. Brackin says the driver geared down to try to hold the vehicle and its estimated 30,000-pound load back, but by the time it reached the runaway ramp, it was traveling too fast. The driver entered the cable system and went completely through all eight nets before the truck and trailer jack-knifed on the other end and stopped with the trailer hanging precariously over the edge of the hillside. The truck was a total loss, but the driver (whose name was not immediately available) was unhurt. WYDOT is in the process of resetting the arrestor system, and noting thatthe vehicle arrestor did not perform as expected,department engineers are analyzing the system’s performance.