Top Stories October 9, 2019

Will The Town Ban Private Jet Traffic?

by Jackson Hole Radio News

When the topic at the bench of the Jackson Town Council turned to carbon emissions Monday night, Councilman Jim Stanford threw down the gauntlet on private jet traffic at the Jackson Hole Airport.

As the council had a brief discussion about the outcomes of a climate change conference that they had attended and a new emissions report, Mayor Pete Muldoon expressed disappointment with the lack of action on policy that could address emissions saying that they all agreed to take action to reduce emissions, “Then we lead by doing nothing.”

That’s when Stanford made a motion to ban private jet traffic in and out of the Jackson Hole Airport.

There was no second to the motion and Mayor Muldoon fired back at Stanford that he failed to find any humor in the comment saying the council needed to focus on policies it had the authority to undertake.

Muldoon pointed to the recent emissions inventory report showing ground transportation as the leading contributor.

“I don’t want to change the subject to private jets or things we don’t have control over,” Muldoon said.

Stanford persisted say “With all due respect, I think we have a little more control over that than I think you realize.”

The emissions inventory report is here.