- January 19, 2020

Man Rescued From Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Yellowstone National Park reported this weekend that on the morning of January 6th, Canyon Rangers were dispatched to Lookout Point after someone was reported rappelling into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

According to Linda Veress with the National Park Service, rangers received a report that someone was rappelling into the canyon. Upon their response, 55-year-old Dave Christensen of Indiana could be visually seen in the bottom of the canyon, near the Yellowstone River.

Using a two-way radio, he and a friend at the top were using, it was established that Christensen was not injured. They explained that he had dropped his backpack near the end of his rope, went off rope to retrieve it. However, in the process, the backpack and individual slid down the canyon wall to the river.

When Christensen unsuccessfully attempted to climb back up without help of park resources, he requested assistance. Once at the top, he was issued mandatory appearance citations for “creating a hazardous condition and off trail travel” in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which is a closed area.