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Broncs Beat Panthers

October 20, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

The Jackson Hole Broncs are keeping the dream alive. On Friday, the football team traveled to Powell High School to play a tough 6-2 team. But Jackson proved they still have what it takes, beating the Panthers 14-6. Jackson Hole will play Star Valley this Friday

Possible Housing for Valley Workers

October 10, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

Jackson officials are being asked to consider a proposal to add parcels to an existing subdivision that the developer says would mean more housing for valley workers. The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that Scott Shepherd is asking for permission to add parcels on Cache Creek Drive to the subdivision so he can split them into six housing units, five of which would be sold to valley workers only. But the subdivision’s homeowner’s association has asked the Town Council to deny the request saying it is skeptical of the plan.  Teton County Commissioner Melissa Turley lives nearby and has also spoken out against the plan

Mediation and Condemnation with Budge Family

October 10, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

Jackson council members say they continue to work on reaching a settlement with the Budge family but will move forward on condemning their home wrecked by the landslide if needed. At last night’s Town Council meeting, officials stressed that they will work on mediation and condemnation at the same time. The Jackson Hole News & Guide says they family has filed a $4 million claim against the town. Jackson officials say they need control of the home to move forward on stabilization plans for the hillside

Woman Groped While Sleeping

October 10, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

A woman in southeast Jackson tells police she was groped in her sleep by an unknown man. Police tells the Jackson Hole News & Guide they don’t know if the incident is related to similar ones that happened last summer. They are asking residents to lock windows and doors and anyone with information is asked to call Jackson police at 733-2331.

Prescribed Burn

October 9, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

A prescribed burn on Monday near the National Elk Refuge has ties to early farming practices in Jackson Hole. Teton Interagency Fire managers say they burned 317 acres Monday as part of a project to bring back native vegetation. Early settlers to Jackson Hole obtained and farmed the land under the Homestead Act. Approximately 4,000 acres of former hayfields, abandoned since the 1970s, are targeted for restoration to return the fallow pasture lands back to native vegetation. Seventeen more prescribed fires are planned.

2014 Tourist Season

October 7, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

The 2014 tourist season was a good one in Jackson. Rick Howe of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce tells the Jackson Hole News & Guide the summer visitors came earlier and more consistently this year. Howe says he also feels confident about the winter travel season this year for Jackson Hole

Supplemental Feeding May Alter Elk Migration

October 6, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

A new study has found that the migration of elk herds in Jackson Hole has been altered by supplemental feeding. The elk don’t migrate as far and spend less time on their summer range, according to the Jackson Hole News & Guide. The study was published in the academic journal Ecological Applications. The study found one solution may be closing the 23 feedgrounds is northwestern Wyoming sooner every year

Juvenile Corrections Worker Faces Three Sexual Assault Charges for Relationship with Teen

October 2, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

A former Red Top Meadows juvenile correction facility employee is getting hit with three second-degree sexual assault charges after supposedly having a three-month affair with one of the teens she was in charge of. Jackson Hole News & Guide says the 28-year-old woman had several sexual incidents with a 17-year-old male between May and July this year. Even though the boy told deputies the relationship was consensual the woman is facing two to twenty years in jail and a $10,000 fine if she’s found guilty

Jackson Widens Budge Drive Before Winter Hits

October 2, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

Jackson is starting their widening project on Budge Drive to make two lanes before winter hits. Jackson Hole News & Guide says the town is protecting businesses and residents by planning several changes, but isn’t making any moves to stabilize the landslide yet. Town Manager Bob McLaurin says they just don’t have enough time to work on the landslide so they have to focus only on the projects that can be completed before the weather gets too cold

Roads Closed Two More Weeks

October 1, 2014 Jackson Hole Comments Off

Roads are closed on South Cache Street between West Kelley and East Snow King Avenues for at least two more weeks. A town engineer tells Jackson Hole News& Guide the weather has been delaying the work and they are keeping the street closed until the project is finished. The city’s goal is to reopen the street during the week


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    You don’t have to put up with nasty recoil when you’re hunting. Even if you’re hunting our state’s bigger animals, like elk, moose, or even bison, today’s technology can take a lot of the sting out of your hunting rifle. A friend told me he developed a bad flinch while sighting in his .300 Win […]
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