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Lawsuit Over Elk Hunt

Two Jackson men have filed a lawsuit over Grand Teton National Park’s elk hunt. Tim Mayo and Kent Nelson filed the federal lawsuit to stop both the elk hunt and the feeding of elk on public land in the state. The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports the lawsuit claims the hunt and feeding are linked and cause problems that include disease and habitat disruption

Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee Asking for Input

The Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee is asking for public input. The Committee is a group of eleven federal land managers who work together to manage more than 15 million acres of public land in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Land managers are inviting the public to provide input on issues that cross jurisdictions, including land and resource management issues, land priorities and ideas for future collaboration with the public and outside groups

Climber Rescued

October 7, 2014 Grand Teton National Park Comments Off

A climber from Utah had to be rescued by helicopter after falling while climbing the Grand Teton Sunday. Grand Teton National Park Rangers said the 39-year-old Tomasz Misiewicz fell on the Lower Exum Ridge and suffered a leg injury. His climbing partner was able to lower him to a ledge and call 911.  High winds slowed the rescue but rangers were able to get him off the mountain and he was flown to St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson. Rangers say climbers should expect winter conditions in the Teton highcountry this time of the year. In addition, all seasonal climbing rangers are now off duty for the season and Teton Interagency helicopters will no longer available after Oct. 21 making any mountain rescue more lengthy and challenging. Climbers are urged to use an abundance of caution.

Fee Increase Possible

A fee increase may be coming to visitors to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  The increase would raise the entrance fee from $25 to $30 for seven days. Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash tells the Jackson Hole News & Guide the increase would bring in an additional $1 million a year to Yellowstone alone. The decision on the fee increase won’t be made until next spring

Drone Fliers Pay 10 Times More in Yellowstone Compared to Grand Teton

October 2, 2014 Grand Teton National Park, Greater Yellowstone Comments Off

The penalty for flying drones in national parks is about 10 times higher in Yellowstone National Park than Grand Teton Park according to U.S. District Court documents. The first drone flyer fined in Grand Teton Park had to pay $125 while two other pilots in Yellowstone Park were hit with over $1,500 and $3,800 fines. Jackson Hole News & Guide says the reason there is such a large gap for fines in each park is because the cases are tried in separate courts with different judges.

GTLC Employees Volunteer Hours

October 1, 2014 Grand Teton National Park Comments Off

Grand Teton Lodge Company managers set a lofty goal for their employees to volunteer 2,000 hours to improving Grand Teton National Park over the past few months. Jackson Hole Daily says the company sent out groups of up to 15 people every Thursday this summer to trim trees, clear brush and widen trails. Overall they recruited 110 employees and logged 712 volunteer hours

Moose Dies, Park Tightens Tourist Rules

September 26, 2014 Grand Teton National Park Comments Off

Grand Teton National Park law enforcers are tightening their grip on park rules because a moose had to be killed after it broke its leg from being spooked by a photographer. Jackson Hole Daily says it is moose mating season so safari companies, photographers and wildlife watchers have been flocking to Gros Venture Campground for photo opportunities.  Park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs says all the people in the park and the excitement of a bull moose chasing a cow moose caused her to run, trip over a picnic table and almost cut off her hind leg

Teton Park Rangers Euthanize Moose After Injury

September 25, 2014 Grand Teton National Park Comments Off

Grand Teton National Park rangers euthanized a moose that injured its leg after being spooked by a group of photographers. Yearly campground visitor Bob McKee says photographers just surround Moose in the area. Photographer Janet Watts says she and the other photographers kept their distance the entire time

Moose-Wilson Closes Indefinitely for Grizzly

September 23, 2014 Grand Teton National Park Comments Off

Grand Teton National Park managers are closing a section of the Moose-Wilson Road indefinitely because a grizzly bear has been getting agitated at people trying to get too close. Jackson Hole News & Guide says the park closed the road for around 10 days because grizzly No. 760 was eating chokecherries on bushes near the road. Park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs says they opened the park temporarily, but the bear was still in the area causing a traffic jam and potential danger for travelers

Toads Migrate from Jackson Lake

September 5, 2014 Grand Teton National Park Comments Off

Biologists say tens of thousands of tiny toads are migrating from Jackson Lake into a picnic area close by. Jackson Hole News & Guide says Grand Teton National park officials are responding by closing the Lakeview picnic area to vehicles. A Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative member Debra Patla says conservation groups have tried and failed to protect the toad species under the Endangered Species Act


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