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Yellowstone Park Hits Record Visitation

Yellowstone National Park recorded its highest ever September visitation last month. A total of 571,764 recreational visitors came to Yellowstone in September, two percent more than September 2013. With three months left in in the year, Yellowstone has already received more visitors so far in 2014 than it during all of last year.

Fee Increase Possible

A fee increase may be coming to visitors to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  The increase would raise the entrance fee from $25 to $30 for seven days. Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash tells the Jackson Hole News & Guide the increase would bring in an additional $1 million a year to Yellowstone alone. The decision on the fee increase won’t be made until next spring

3rd Drone Conviction

A third person has been convicted of flying an unmanned aircraft in Yellowstone National Park. Donald Criswell of Molalla, Oregon, had been charged with violating the ban on drones in Yellowstone after he flew one over the Midway Geyser Basin and close to bison in August. He was fined $1,000 plus court costs. Two other men have also been convicted violating the ban in Yellowstone.

Drone Fliers Pay 10 Times More in Yellowstone Compared to Grand Teton

October 2, 2014 Grand Teton National Park, Greater Yellowstone Comments Off

The penalty for flying drones in national parks is about 10 times higher in Yellowstone National Park than Grand Teton Park according to U.S. District Court documents. The first drone flyer fined in Grand Teton Park had to pay $125 while two other pilots in Yellowstone Park were hit with over $1,500 and $3,800 fines. Jackson Hole News & Guide says the reason there is such a large gap for fines in each park is because the cases are tried in separate courts with different judges.

Jackson Water Managers Decrease Flows into Snake

Jackson Lake Dam water managers are decreasing the flow into the Snake River starting today. The dam flows are dropping from just over 1,800 cubic feet per second to 350 cfs by tomorrow. Jackson Hole Daily says Palisades Reservoir is about 44 percent full and Jackson Lake 77 percent

Indian Tribes Protest for Grizzlies

September 29, 2014 Greater Yellowstone Comments Off

American Indians are assembling in Yellowstone to protest the federal government’s move to take grizzly bears off the endangered species list. Jackson Hole News & Guide says the “Prayer for the Bear” event is Saturday at Sedge Bay on Yellowstone Lake. The number of grizzly bears has risen significantly in the past several years, but they’re still protected as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act

Yellowstone Drone Crasher Pays Court Fines

September 26, 2014 Greater Yellowstone Comments Off

A federal judge is ordering a Dutch man to pay thousands in restitution for wrecking a drone into Yellowstone National Park’s biggest hot spring. Theodorus Van Vliet crashed his remote controlled aircraft into the Grand Prismatic hot spring in August and park officials still haven’t been able to get it out. Van Vliet pled guilty in federal court Tuesday and is paying over $3,000 in fines

Yellowstone’s Bison Quarantine Location Chosen Mid 2015

September 22, 2014 Greater Yellowstone Comments Off

The Department of the Interior is considering 20 areas of public property around the nation to relocate disease free Yellowstone National Park bison. Yellowstone’s chief scientist says they are expecting to have a final decision by the middle of next year. Jackson Hole News & Guide says the Department of Interior has been trying to maintain the pure bison genetics by slaughtering the ones with the brucellosis disease and moving the healthy ones to other areas

Yellowstone Continues Cutthroat Trout Restoration in Elk Creek

September 19, 2014 Greater Yellowstone Comments Off

Yellowstone National Park is working to refill their rivers and creeks with cutthroat trout. A non-native species called Brook Trout force all the cutthroat out of the area so biologists are dispersing a chemical called rotenone into the water to kill the Brook species. The fish toxin isn’t supposed to cause any negative effects, but biologists are asking people to stay out of the water until September 30. #

Wildlife Lovers File Petition Against Bison Killers

September 18, 2014 Greater Yellowstone Comments Off

Wildlife lovers are filing a legal petition to keep hunters, researchers and slaughter houses from capturing and killing hundreds of bison leaving Yellowstone National Park for winter migration. Friends of Animals and the Buffalo Field Campaign filed their petition with the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service which manages the land next to the park. Yellowstone officials say they might allow 900 bison to be killed this winter


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