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Leave Road Kill Alone

November 25, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

No matter how tasty it looks, you’re asked to leave the road kill alone. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reminding the public that it is illegal and unsafe to pick up wildlife along a roadway. The warning comes after complaints about people stopping to remove meat or antlers off dead animals. Officials say stopping is dangerous to you and other motorists and animals killed on roads should not be consumed

Is It a Quota or Not

November 24, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

Is it a quota or not? The Wyoming Highway Patrol says it sets goals as a way to make sure troopers meet standards. But a report in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle found that troopers are expected to make 732 traffic stops a year in Laramie and Albany counties. They are also expected to write at least 55 seat belt violations per year to meet standards. Patrol Col. John Butler tells the paper he does not consider the standards a quota policy.

Wyoming Dislikes Affordable Care Act

November 21, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

A new poll finds 70 percent of people in Wyoming do not approve of the Affordable Care Act. The University of Wyoming conducted the poll last month. According to the Associated Press, only 24 percent of those who responded approved of the law.

Wyoming Game & Fish Could be as Close as Your Laptop

November 20, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

The next meeting of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission will be as close as your laptop. The commission just announced they will begin streaming meetings live over the Internet. Board members make policy for the state Department of Fish and Game. Officials say they will stream the meetings so long as they are in a location with Wi-Fi.

Wyoming Counties May Join Health Insurance Pool

November 19, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

Wyoming counties may get to join the state health insurance pool. Lawmakers on the Joint Appropriations Committee are moving forward to draft a bill that would give counties the option to join. The committee will discuss the idea further at their next meeting in December.


5 Years for Trafficking

November 13, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

It’s five years in prison for a woman charged with trafficking hundreds of pounds of marijuana in Yellowstone National Park. Rangers found nearly 300 pounds of marijuana in Daphne Watkins’ RV. According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, the 53-year-old admitted to making drug runs between West Virginia and California over the past four years

Open Enrollment Begins Saturday

November 13, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

Open enrollment begins Saturday for Wyoming residents to buy health insurance on the federal exchange. This is the second year for Americans to buy health and dental insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Residents can choose from 40 plans on healthcare.gov. Last year, 11,970 Wyoming residents signed up for health insurance through the online marketplace

Wyoming Police Officer Sentenced in Dogs Death

November 13, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

A Wyoming police officer whose dog died after being left in a hot car for six hours has been sentenced to six months’ probation. Zachary Miller’s Labrador retriever died after being left in the car on a day when temperatures hit 86 degrees. The Casper Star-Tribune reports the police dog named Nyx had been part of the Mills Police Department since 2006. Mills was ordered to pay restitution to the city and to complete 100 hours of community service.

More Privacy Protection

November 11, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

Do Wyoming residents need more privacy protection? A legislative task force is looking at bills that would amend the state’s Constitution to include language that the state must have a compelling reason to infringe on residents privacy. Lawmakers tell the Associated Press the proposed bill would limit the information the state could compile on residents

Balow Bringing Stability

November 7, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

The new leader of Wyoming’s public schools says she wants to bring stability to the job. Jillian Balow tells the Associated Press she wants to work with districts across the state to create quality schools and ensure education in Wyoming is funded appropriately. Balow succeeds Cindy Hill, whose tenure was marked by lawsuits and threats of impeachment.


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  • Very Windy in Many Areas, Developing Light to Moderate Snow - November 25, 2014
    The I-25 and I-80 corridors and adjacent roads throughout central, eastern and southern Wyoming will see very strong and gusty winds today.  Sustained winds of 25 to 40 mph likely for many areas with gusts to 60 mph or higher in the wind prone locations. Light to moderate snow shower activity will also be increasing […]
  • Tame that recoil - November 25, 2014
    You don’t have to put up with nasty recoil when you’re hunting. Even if you’re hunting our state’s bigger animals, like elk, moose, or even bison, today’s technology can take a lot of the sting out of your hunting rifle. A friend told me he developed a bad flinch while sighting in his .300 Win […]
  • Cold and Windy, Areas of Snow Too - November 24, 2014
    Wind will continue to be the biggest story and headache across Wyoming through about Wednesday.  Strong sustained winds of 25 to 40 mph will be likely across many areas with gusts to 60 mph or more at times, especially on Tuesday.  Mountain locations across the state will continue to see on and off periods of […]
  • Grand Teton elk hunt is under fire - November 24, 2014
    Two photographers from Teton County have filed a lawsuit in Washington, D.C., in an effort to stop the annual elk hunt that takes place in Grand Teton National Park. The Grand Teton hunt has already begun this year, and as far as I know, there are no plans to shut it down early. In fact, […]

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