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Heroin Overdoses Are Up

October 17, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation says fatal heroin overdoses are up in the state. Officials tell the Associated Press there have been seven deaths so far this year. There were six in 2013 and two in 2012. Kebin Haller, deputy director of operations for the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, says the heroin situation is “alarming.”

Decision on Gay Marriage Scheduled for Monday

October 17, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

A decision is scheduled for Monday on the future of gay marriage in Wyoming. At a hearing on Thursday in Casper, a federal judge heard arguments from four same-sex couples arguing the state should stop enforcing its ban on gay marriage. U.S. District Judge Scott Skavdahl said he will release his decision by 5 pm on Monday.

Gay Marriage Included in Debate

October 10, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

Four gubernatorial candidates debated the future of Wyoming Thursday night. One topic at the debate at Casper College was whether the candidates support gay marriage. Gov. Matt Mead, who is seeking re-election, and Independent Don Wills said they oppose it. Democrat Pete Gosar and Libertarian Dee Cozzens said they support it. The election will be held Nov. 4

Wyoming Officials Defend Gay Marriage Ban

October 9, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

Wyoming officials will continue to defend a state ban on gay marriage. Gov. Matt Mead tells the Associated Press he does not have the authority to void the state’s constitution which says marriage is between one man and one woman. Four same-sex couples have filed suit against the state seeking to marry immediately

Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident

October 9, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

A man from Canada was killed in a motorcycle crash near Afton Saturday. The Wyoming Highway Patrol says 45-year-old Craig E. Shymko was attempting to pass a pickup but because the truck’s rear lights were obscured with mud he didn’t see it was signaling to turn. He laid his bike on its side and crashed into the truck. Shymko died at the scene.  Police remind drivers to clean mud and snow off the lights on their vehicles as winter approaches

Wyoming Equality Suing

October 7, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

The U.S. Supreme Court’s failure to hear appeals from five states on same-sex marriages will not have an immediate effect on Wyoming. But the state has a December court date on the issue and experts say that could pave the way for gay marriages in the Cowboy State as early as the end of the year. A group called Wyoming Equality and three same-sex couples are suing the state. They have a hearing in a Laramie County Court Dec. 15. The country’s high court declined to hear appeals from Utah, Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin, which immediately allowed same-sex marriages in those states

Wyoming Wages Above National Average

October 6, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

Workers in Wyoming have the seventh highest income per capita in the country. The Casper-Star Tribune reports Wyoming’s average wages were $52,826 in 2013. Wyoming’s wages were more than $8,000 above the national average

Federal Government Takes Over Wolf Population

October 2, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

Today is supposed to be the start of the 2014 wolf hunting season, but U.S. District Court Judge Amy Jackson says Wyoming’s wolves are now under federal government jurisdiction. Jackson says U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is taking the reins indefinitely. Wyoming wildlife managers tell Jackson Hole News & Guide they are going to keep fighting to take back the authority to make decisions about the wolf population in their state

Wyoming Best State for Teachers

October 1, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

Wyoming ranked number one in a recent analysis of which states are best for teachers. The social network WalletHub analyzed 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 18 metrics of “opportunity and competition” and “work environment.” Wyoming ranked fifth for annual salaries, third for the lowest pupil to teacher ratio and third for the highest public school spending per capita

Sage Grouse Habitats

October 1, 2014 State of Wyoming Comments Off

A new study finds that hunters, campers, fishermen and others spend $87 million a year in Wyoming within 50 miles of BLM rangeland. Those fighting to protect the habitat of sage grouse in the West say the study shows the importance of the bird’s natural habitat. The Associated Press reports that federal rangelands with significant tracts of sagebrush resulted in more than $1 billion being poured in the economies of western states last year


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