News February 17, 2016

Town Questions County’s Management

by Jackson Hole Radio News

toj town hall

The Town Council yesterday questioned whether Teton County had the ability to properly manage the proposed housing department.

While councilmembers wrestled with whether the timing was right to begin constructing the housing department contemplated in the Housing Action Plan, the concerns quickly coalesced around whether the Town or County should be the agency in charge.

Councilman Don Frank asked whether or not the County had the bandwidth to manage the department. “ I think the Town of Jackson should have a greater role in not only hiring and firing, but in setting the agenda and the goals for what this new Housing Authority will do,“ he said.

Former Mayor Mark Barron urged the council to take charge of the department. “If I were on the Town Council I would ask why this new department wouldn’t be housed within the Town of Jackson where all the impacts of this housing is proposed,” he said.

Ultimately Mayor Flitner said the decision would be part of a joint discussion with the county officials.

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