Mayor Sara Flitner Will Stand for Re-election

by Jackson Hole Radio News


Mayor Sara Flitner announced today that she will seek a second term of service as Jackson’s mayor.

 Flitner will work to continue progress  on community priorities, and sees a lot of community support for moving on “needs, not wants.” She will continue to focus on an approach that is fair and straightforward.

“The community remains the most vibrant, interesting, special place anywhere.  We need balance and long-term vision to ensure that we keep what is special, while planning for inevitable change,” Flitner said.

Since swearing in a year and a half ago, Flitner and her fellow public servants have taken big steps for community priorities of housing and transportation. The Housing Action Plan was adopted, prioritizing rental apartments, redevelopment that incentivizes public-private partnerships and also encourages employee housing that is accessible to transportation. Flitner will continue her focus on solutions for the working families and small businesses who provide the lifeblood for Jackson.

Land development regulations are tedious, but progress there is being made, according to Flitner. “We just took steps to pass regulations that focus on helping the businesses that are here. The new LDR’s provide more predictability for property owners and incentives to build housing.

The face of housing insecurity is front and center for families, business owners who struggle to find employees, and a community that prides itself on quality of life. Solutions must be balanced, collaborative and rational. This remains a focal point for Flitner’s decision to serve.

“I truly believe that our best times are ahead, but we have some very heavy lifting to do to get there. I have spent two decades working with varied opinions and stakeholder groups to solve problems. It’s now time to put that expertise to use for the greatest community anywhere,” Flitner said.

In addition to serving as Mayor, Sara runs a strategic communication and collaborative problem-solving firm, Flitner Strategies, and is wife to Bill Wotkyns and mom to Pete and Silas Wotkyns.