Planners, Neighbors Don’t Like Housing Proposal

by Jackson Hole Radio News



Applicants for a 56-unit housing development heard a lot of pushback from neighbors who showed up at the Jackson Town Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment meeting on Wednesday.

The project was proposed by Cornelius Kinsey who wants to build the units on several lots on the corner of Vine and Kelly.


As presented, the development, located in the Auto-Urban residential zone, would require a re-zone to the denser Urban Residential zone and a variance from the hillside building regulations.


Neighbors said the project was too dense and would have a negative impact to the area. Chris Dickey, who owns property across the street for the site said he was worried about the potential problems with managing the site.

Larry Catt, who is president of the adjoining property’s homeowner’s association said in a letter to the commission, “We realize the necessity of employee housing in the Jackson area, but we are not convinced that the developers have a clear vision for the impact that 56 units will create in that small of an area.”

James Crowley, who lives on Karns Avenue said that while the property was clearly in a transitional location between resort uses at Snow King and residential scale properties, “This is not a transitional project.”

Commissioners told the applicant that a variance would require 3 affirmative votes and, given that only three commissioners were in attendance, that they were unlikely to get the change approved. They gave them the option to reschedule a hearing at a later date which they accepted.

Commissioner Missy Falcey said her general impression of the project is that its entirely too much density to impose in this neighborhood.

Commissioner John Stennis call the proposal, “Completely out of sync with the rest of the neighborhood.” He went on to note that some of the proposed units were de-humanizing because of their lack of views, landscaping or green space. Stennis said that this project was, “More like warehousing than actual housing.”

The discussion will resume in June.





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  • Like I said jackson doesn’t really want housing and how about a shout out to the commodious era that frequently mid thier own meetings. Do they really represent you if so where the heck are they?

  • Most of this housing, according to statements attributed to the developer in February, would NOT be for Jackson. 39 of the 56 units would be rentals reserved for foreign visa workers. Can’t say I blame the folks in the neighborhood for opposing this.

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