- June 15, 2016

YNP Conducts Commercial Vehicle Inspections

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Park rangers and state and federal transportation officials will conduct safety evaluations of commercial vehicles and operators traveling in the park this summer.

Designed to ensure the safe operation and mechanical soundness of commercial buses and trucks on Yellowstone’s roadways, these inspections help protect park visitors, employees, and resources from the impacts of potential mishaps. Both the vehicle and the driver are evaluated to ensure full compliance with federal regulations that govern commercial vehicle operation.
This is the 18th year of the interagency inspection program. The successful program has resulted in a decrease in the most significant “out-of-service” violations, which require that either a commercial vehicle or a commercial driver be taken off the road due to serious mechanical or driver-specific violations.
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  • Another unlawfully shake down where is the probable cause in s stop like this? Just another way to flex government muscle and shake the money tree

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