Council Candidates: In Their Own Words

With only a few days left before the 2016 Primary election, we asked candidates for Jackson Town Council to answer the question: “What is it about your candidacy that makes you different than your opponents?”

Here are their unedited answers:

Hailey Morten Levinson (Incumbent):

Hailey Morton Levinson
Hailey Morton Levinson

“As councilor, I have lead with an open mind, honesty, and level head and will continue to do so. I am blessed to have learned the value of hard work, hospitality, and kindness through my parents and from being raised in Jackson. These are qualities integral to effectively leading our town. During my first four-year term in office, I have gained invaluable insight into the town and county processes ranging from budgeting to planning and zoning. This experience, and knowledge I have gained, have given me a strong understanding of the issues facing our community. I am well qualified to continue my leadership on the council.”


Jim Stanford (Incumbent):


“Four years ago, I pledged to be a strong, independent voice on the council, and I have done just that. On a variety of issues, from downtown rezoning to Snow King amusements to funding for housing and transportation, I have spoken up, staked out a clear position and stuck to it even if it made me the lone dissenter. My background in journalism was good training in asking hard questions and cutting through the spin often presented in the council chambers. I also have tried to bring ideas to the council for action, from sites for new sidewalks and pedestrian crossings to location of a winter dog park to better delivery of packages at the post office.”


Judd Grossman:JuddCampaignMug


“The obvious answer is that I’m the only Town Council candidate that opposes the General Excise Tax increase. Unfortunately, the Town Council intends to use the tax increase to double down on past failed policies.


The current housing strategy of low density development that requires massive unsustainable subsidies is doomed to fail. It would take over a billion dollars and hundreds of acres of land to make a dent in our housing problem following that path. The right way to generate workforce housing is through the Workforce Housing Overlay that I’m proposing that allow significant density bonuses in the walkable urban commercial core.


The Integrated Transportation Plan relies heavily on START to solve our traffic problem. START currently handles 1% of our traffic. According to the ITP’s very optimistic projections at a cost of over one hundred million dollars in 20 years START will handle 3% of our traffic. That’s a ridiculously terrible return on investment. If we want to change our traffic equation we need to limit development, focus development into the walkable urban commercial core, and optimize, expand and connect our roads.


I’m also the only candidate that is asking probing questions regarding the Budge Slide. The Budge SPET proposal may be worthy of approval, but the Town has done a terrible job of explaining why. I feel like we are being manipulated by the propaganda push, and I have a nagging feeling that the Town is not aggressively pursuing the interests of the taxpayers against the parties who may be responsible for the slide.


Of course, I’m also the only candidate with a shaved head and a pointy beard, so in that respect I will be bringing much needed hair style diversity to the Town Council.

Anne Schuler:

Anne Schuler

“What sets me apart are my qualifications and realistic approach to decision making.

I have 30 years of work experience and a history of service to non-profits.  I employ 20 people year round, I know what it means to have to make payroll, manage through a recession and satisfy workers to minimize turnover.  As a banker I had to champion ideas and coordinate services across the organization to deliver client solutions.   As a not for profit board member, I recognize the purpose of meetings is to make tough decisions and not to let personal feelings get in the way of progress.

I am not a politician; I am running because I want to get as much done as possible over the next four years for the benefit of our community.  It’s about service.”

Jessica Sell Chambers:


“In my 35 years, I’ve had quite the slice of life. My varied and challenging life experiences include extreme loss, single ‘parenthood’ when I won custody of my brothers seven years ago, motherhood, work in news and music radio, academic research, immersion in several cultures, multilingualism, gentrification of several homes, political organizing, a Bachelors in International Studies with a specialization in Culture and Communication, and a Master’s in Education, Social Science. All of this enables me to be an effective communicator, a ‘code-switcher’, and a liaison, with a healthy dose of humility and humor and the ability to unite stakeholders, take decisive action, and restart after the occasional failure.”


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