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Vogelheim Honored As Wyoming Commissioner Of The Year

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Jackson, Wyo. – Oct. 4, 2016 – Teton County elected official Paul Vogelheim was chosen from approximately 90 county commissioners from across Wyoming to win the Wyoming County Commissioner Association’s 2016 “Riding for the Brand” award. The award is the association’s county-commissioner-of-the-year recognition.

The honor was announced last week in Laramie during the annual Wyoming Association of County Officers Conference. The “Riding for the Brand” award is presented to someone who has gone above and beyond for his or her county, the WCCA and the state of Wyoming.

While Vogelheim was unable to attend the award ceremony in person, he offered his thanks to WCCA and said he was truly honored.

“This was really a nice recognition for all your Teton County commissioners — Barbara Allen, Mark Newcomb, Natalia Duncan Macker, Smokey Kathleen Rhea — for building a strong relationship with our fellow Wyoming commissioners and for our hosting 500 folks for the National Association of Counties here in Jackson,” Vogelheim said.

“We are very proud of Paul Vogelheim for winning the ‘Riding for the Brand’ award from the Wyoming County Commissioner’s Association,” said Barbara Allen, chair of the Teton County Board of County Commissioners. “It is a real honor to be singled out from all the county commissioners in Wyoming and very well deserved as Paul always approaches his work looking for solutions, building relationships and doing the best for his county and state.”

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  • Is this a joke? April 1st, maybe? What exactly has he done for this county again? It certainly wasn’t housing. It most definitely wasn’t transportation. Nothing for small business either. I believe these are the issues he campaigns on yet I don’t think there is a single thing he has accomplished (not that he wouldn’t take credit for it) that would show he has helped rectify or resolve any of our pressing issues. He’s too busy “not understanding the issue” to vote on anything and is constantly kicking the can down the road. Might I add that he was removed from being the head of the county commission because of his complete and total inability to get anything done while taking the credit for what the other elected commissioners accomplished. He’s stood in the way of housing and transportation projects claiming that he needs “more information” or that he’s “flustrated” which is what he is instructed to do by the likes of Ed Cheramy, Dick Bloom and the Save Historic Jackson Hole group. Delay and obstruct is Paul’s only directive. If Paul thinks he’ll be elected to anything in Teton County again, he’s sorely mistaken. Paul can’t “glad hand” anyone anymore. His feet will be held to the fire by those who feel like they wasted their previous votes for him. He’s a fraud with a fake smile and no soul.

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