NER Commemorates Women’s History Month

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The National Elk Refuge will commemorate the vital role of women in American conservation during the month of March, nationally designated as Women’s History Month. Refuge winter naturalists have created several displays for the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center, highlighting careers and contributions of influential women over the years.

A timeline in the Visitor Center’s upstairs theater presents an overview of the National Elk Refuge’s history. The temporary exhibit incorporates contributions of Jackson Hole women that helped progress conservation in the area as well as prominent females who helped spearhead efforts at the national level, including Grace Miller, Mardy Murie, Rachel Carson, and Molly Beattie.

A second display is comprised of short biographies submitted by women working in environmental-based agencies and organizations from throughout the country. Each biography contains a brief overview of the person’s conservation work and highlights projects she feels have been most rewarding during her career. Each professional noted the national wildlife refuge closest to her work location, which can be referenced on a National Wildlife Refuge System map in the same display area.

Visitors can showcase their own conservation efforts by filling out a short questionnaire and, using the same map noted above, show the area of the country where their own sustainable actions are making a difference.

The Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center is located at 532 N. Cache Street in Jackson. The displays will remain up through March 14.