- April 22, 2019

Wyoming Gets Mixed Grades On Earth Day

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Today is Earth Day, and where you might think Wyoming is a pretty environmentally conscious state, surveys indicate not necessarily to be the case.  WalletHub compared the 50 states in terms of 27 key metrics that speak to the current health of the environment and residents’ environmental-friendliness. The data set ranges from total municipal solid waste per capita to energy-efficiency score to carbon-dioxide emissions per capita. When all of those considerations were factored in, Wyoming emerged as the fourth LEAST environmentally friendly. Specifically, it ranked 47thforSoil Quality, 23rdfor Water Quality, 43rdfor percentage of Recycled Municipal Solid Waste, 21stfor percentage of Renewable Energy Consumption, 47thfor Energy Consumption per Capita and dead last for Gasoline Consumption (in Gallons) per Capita. In spite of that, Wyoming tied for the second-best air quality, but only 23rdfor water quality.

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  • I have lived in many states and now live in Wyoming. I can attest to the disappointing stewardship of the land that seems common here–especially from our elected officials. We have a beautiful state, one of the prettiest in the country, and the only state where the big mammals still roam, yet it doesn’t seem like folks want to keep it that way. No smogging of cars, rampant mining, resource extraction permits are given out with little regard for future impacts, near constant threats against our public land, oil spills in our waterways, an irrational grip on coal, we don’t even have glass recycling. We should do better.

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