-, Top Stories May 19, 2019

Antlers Sell Well

by Jackson Hole Radio News

It was a profitable day Saturday at the 52ndAnnual Jackson District Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction, yielding the fourth highest amount in the sales’s history. With 10,320 pounds of antlers on the auction block, 55 of the 140 bidders gathered for the event laid down a total of $186,227. The most spend by a single buyer was $48,210; and one bidder paid $3500 for a skull with antlers.

The antlers are mostly collected from the National Elk Refuge on the north end of town, and a majority of the proceeds are returned to the refuge for habitat enhancement projects including paying for farming equipment, weed management, and seasonal employees that operate the Refuge’s irrigation program.

About 25% is returned to the scouts for summer camp, leader and scout training, and other scout activities. Altogether, scouts and their leaders put in over 2000 hours on the project each year which is equivalent to one full-time refuge employee working 40 hours a week for a full year.