- May 3, 2019

Canoes Included In Invasive Species Inspections

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department wants to make it clear that required inspection of watercraft at the state’s various inspection stations includes canoes and kayaks.

In a statement by the agency this week, Game and Fish officials emphasized that according to state definitions and the United States Coast Guard, canoes and kayaks are considered watercraft. While canoes, kayaks and other non-motorized watercraft are considered lower risk in comparison to a complex watercraft like a wakeboard boat or cabin cruiser, they can still harbor and spread invasive species.

From March 1 to November 30, all watercraft – which includes canoes and kayaks entering Wyoming by land are required to have an inspection by an authorized inspector before launching on any waterway. All watercraft are required to stop when an open AIS check station is encountered in route to or from their destination, even if previously inspected. Furthermore,

Watercraft users entering Wyoming by land between March 1 and November 30 that don’t encounter an open AIS check station must get their watercraft inspected prior to launching.