- June 10, 2019

Volunteers Need In Hoback Ranches

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Volunteers are being sought to assist in cleaning up debris left behind last September as the Roosevelt fire ripped through the Hoback Ranches. Some residents need assistance with debris removal from where their home was, some need help clearing out downed trees, then others need help with planting new vegetation.  On June 22nd & 23rd, neighbors and volunteers will come together to deal with the aftermath of the fire. Tree cutters have been retained prior to the rest of volunteers for safety reasons.  A special briefing will be conducted on safety for volunteers cutting down other trees. Lunch will be provided both days provided by Pioneer Smokehouse in Big Piney.Organizers ask that those willing to help, but unable to be on hand on the designated weekend, to please call so that arrangements can be made to use their assistance.