News June 7, 2019

Wyoming Not Pet Friendly

by Jackson Hole Radio News

If you have a pet, chances are it is pretty important part of your family and you do whatever you can to keep it safe and healthy. However, a recent survey shows Wyoming is the third leastpet-friendly state in the nation. The survey looked at sources like BringFidoAnimal Legal Defense Fund, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and nOkill Network for a bird’s eye view at the number of anti-abuse laws, veterinarians, and no-kill shelters in each state. Pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities were also factors in the ranking. There are a variety of reasons Wyoming could score as low as it does, ranging from a lack of pet-friendly establishments or lax protection laws. Compare it with neighboring Colorado which is the second-best place to be a family pet: The Centennial State is home to 74 no-kill shelters and 2,150 veterinarians. Colorado also has some of the nation’s best animal protection laws. For example, domestic abuse can include crimes against a victim’s animal, and veterinarians are required to report suspected cruelty.

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