- September 16, 2019

CWC Expands To Tribe

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Eastern Shoshone Business Council Chairman Vernon Hill and Central Wyoming College President Brad Tyndall signed a memorandum of understanding between CWC and the Eastern Shoshone Tribe that will enable students there to earn first-year CWC credits toward a degree from CWC. Courses will be offered at Eastern Shoshone Business Council tribal facilities or other appropriate facilities in what CWC is calling “CWC-Wind River.” Anyone, including non-tribal members, is being welcomed to enroll. CWC staff will work side-by-side with tribal staff members to assist students academically while providing a variety of student support services, including access to all CWC resources which includes advising, financial aid, tutoring, college events and more. Students will also have access to federal financial aid assistance. The initial course offerings will be popular courses that can be used towards earning certificates or degrees at CWC or can be transferred to other institutions.