- September 12, 2019

Moose ‘Tasered’ By Game Wardens

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office and Wyoming Game and Fish Department are urging citizens to be aware of items hanging in their yards which may cause injury to Wyoming’s wildlife. Last Sunday morning, Sublette County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to South Fremont Avenue in Pinedale for a report of a bull moose who appeared to have its antlers tangled in a hammock attached to a tree. Game and Fish also responded to the scene.

Due to the nature of the entangled animal and the proximity to hunting season, a tranquilizer would render the animal not harvestable and inedible. A plan was devised to use Tasers from SCSO Deputies which has proven successful in other jurisdictions to incapacitate the animal long enough to remove the hammock but not harm the animal. The plan was successful, and the moose was freed from the tangled hammock without injury and safely left the area.

Game and Fish Warden Kraft spoke with citizens regarding items which many citizens are not aware can cause harm to these animals. This time of year, with the rut starting and animals rubbing velvet residents  are urged to remove hanging items, hammocks, bird feeders, or anything else moose, deer and other wildlife could get tangled in to avoid such unfortunate occurrences.