- December 4, 2019

Stop For School Bus Or Face Fines

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Wyoming Highway Patrol, along with the Teton County School District Number 1 are reminding drivers to stop for school buses whenever they see the red lights flashing. Drivers who do not stop can be fined $435. Recently, the Wyoming State Legislature added a subsection to the statute, allowing law enforcement to ticket the registered owner of a vehicle identified by video and fine them $195 regardless of the driver of the vehicle. Lt. Matt Brackin of the Jackson district of the patrol adds that stops for both directions are also necessary on the four-lane.

Additionally, Lt Brackin says snowdrifts may cause students to be closer to traffic lanes.


Lt. Brackin points out that currently, school busses are equipped with cameras to help identify violators and facilitate their being penalized even if there is not a law enforcement present.