News January 14, 2020

Carbon Monoxide Detector Warns Pinedale Family

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Sublette County Unified Fire was dispatched to a carbon monoxide incident in Pinedale last week. Firefighters from Battalion 1 responded to the home where a family, including three young children, were found waiting outside. The family explained the carbon monoxide alarm that was recently installed in the kitchen area had activated with a loud alarm. Firefighters investigated the home and discovered high levels of carbon monoxide coming from the stove top, possibly due to incomplete combustion. Firefighters advised the homeowners not to use the stove top until it could be checked by a professional. Sublette County EMS checked the family members for possible carbon monoxide exposure to be sure everyone was safe. The department says the family did the right thing by going outside immediately and calling 911. They add that in addition to smoke alarms, residents should have working carbon monoxide alarms in their homes on every level and outside each separate sleeping area for their safety.