News January 14, 2020

Gas Steady

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Local gasoline prices have held steady this week. According to Gasbuddy, this week’s gasoline survey shows the average price for gasoline in Jackson Hole dropped 2¢ to $2.71 per gallon of unleaded regular, although this week’s prices in the Valley still ranged from $2.49 to $2.89 per gallon. Wyoming’s state average in the meantime dropped 4¢ to $2.57 per gallon with the lowest price in Wyoming now found in Casper with one station there pricing gasoline at $2.14 a gallon. Gasoline again remained unchanged in Teton Valley at $2.75 a gallon. Nationally, AAA Auto Club says the average across the 50 states has remain at $2.58 a gallon for a second week.