- January 14, 2020

Lawmakers Hear About High Drug Prices

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A state and national campaign led by A-A-R-P to rein in rising prescription drug prices is making headway, and Wyoming lawmakers say they are getting the message, especially from folks living on fixed incomes. Sam Shumway with A-A-R-P Wyoming says the median income for Medicare beneficiaries is just 26-thousand dollars a year, and that doesn’t go a long way for folks who on average fill four and five prescriptions a month.

“It’s a very real pocketbook issue. When you are having to make these hard decisions about whether to buy groceries or pay for your medication, that’s a big problem. And that’s, I think, the frustration that these legislators are hearing.”

Shumway points to legislation recently passed in Florida that allows lower-cost medicine to be imported from Canada, which he says is one option Wyoming lawmakers could consider in the upcoming session.