- February 5, 2020

Caucus Coming In March

by Jackson Hole Radio News

On a scale of one to five, who are your favorite candidates for the Democratic nomination? That’s how Wyoming’s Democrats will be voting in the upcoming caucus, much like how they did in the just-completed Iowa caucus. New for the 2020 caucuses, Wyoming Democrats will use ranked choice voting (or RCV). On each ballot, Teton County Democrats will rank their preferred candidates – from 1 through up to 5 – for the Democratic nomination for U.S. president. This process gives each voter more say in a crowded field if their top candidate isn’t chosen. Those who have registered as Democrats by the end of January will receive a mail-in ballot soon in the first round of mailing. For those who register by March 12th, there will be a second mailing. However, the county’s Democrats can vote in-person at the polls or on caucus day if they are registered by March 20th. The county Democratic Party will hold its convention and caucus April 4th.