Top Stories February 13, 2020

Councilman Draws Ire, Praise

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The recent protest by Jackson Town Councilman Jim Stanford had drawn a flurry of emails both supporting and condemning his action. Stanford stood on the corner of the town square February 5th, holding an American flag upside-down to protest the acquittal of President Donald Trump in the Senate’s impeachment trial. Several emails praised the action saying, “Thank you for taking a brave stand on the Town Square. If only there were more like you,” and “I am in complete agreement with you about the distress of our republic.” Still others decried the action saying, “You insisted you meant no disrespect to the country, its veterans or its iconic red, white and blue banner? But that is exactly what you did,” and again, “He may not agree with our President or the Senate’s vote to acquit, and he certainly has a right to protest. However, showing disrespect to the American Flag that Veterans served to protect is not the proper way to do so.” Still, Stanford maintained his action was (in his words “a powerful symbol that the republic is in distress.” Comments obtained by Jackson Hole Radio were fairly evenly split between those in favor of Stanford’s action and those against it.