News February 10, 2020

Malo Wins Pedigree

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Anny Malo retained her title as champion of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race with a dominant performance beginning to end. The Quebec native led every leg of the race but one as she outpaced a 2nd place Lina Streeper by slightly more than 13 minutes. The race had plenty of other story lines. Local Bondurant cowgirl Alix Crittenden, running a team of race founder Frank Teasley’s dogs, looked every bit like a musher who belongs with the elite racers of the sport. Rachel Courtney racing through adversity after a truck breakdown, 17-year-old Maria Torgerson and 15-year-old Elliot Rivest running their first stage stops, finishing 5th and 9th, respectively. They are the future of the sport.

The 25th running of the stage stop race was, perhaps, the best yet. And proved, once again: Dogs do indeed rule.