- February 7, 2020

Wyoming Likes Its Governor

by Jackson Hole Radio News

While there has been a lot of grumbling about our political leaders around the country, a recent survey shows that Wyoming’s Governor Mark Gordon is one of the three most popular governors in the country. He shares that distinction with Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland and Governor Charlie Baker or Massachusetts. All three governors have an approval rating of 69%. Governor Brad Little in Idaho has a 55% approval rating. The report from the financial website Wallethub, the governor approval ratings are based on survey data collected during the fourth quarter of 2019 and range from 32% to 69%. They point out that many factors shape public opinion, and no single variable seems to explain a high or low approval rating, but economic conditions, such as the availability of gainful employment, are often among the most serious concerns for voters. Currently Wyoming’s unemployment rate is 3.7%.