Top Stories March 26, 2020

Curated Cache Will Fill Fridge

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Vertical Harvest has partnered with Persephone Bakery and Bovine and Swine Meats to provide an opportunity that contributes to the community and fills local refrigerators with locally grown and crafted items. Residents are invited to sign up for the weekly box service. The Curated Cache, available for curbside pickup at Rendevous Bistro, restocks pantry staples. The box contains a Persephone Levain Family Loaf: twice as big as a regular loaf for a week’s worth of sandwiches, Persephone Quinoa Cranberry Granola Bag in a special XL bulk size, Bovine and Swine Sausages: either Black & Blue, Jalapeno Cheddar, Garlic, Knockwurst or Andouille, Bovine & Swine Bacon: one pound, and Vertical Harvest Flat O’ Green Goodies: two cartons of Sweet Mix Lettuce, one of pea shoots, and one large serving of Living Salad Greens. The cost of the box is $65. The box may be ordered at


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