Top Stories March 26, 2020

More COVID Test Kits Arrive in Wyoming

by Jackson Hole Radio News

One of the more major crippling efforts in controlling the spread of the Coronavirus has been the limited availability of test kits. Director of the Wyoming Department of Health Mike Ceballos announced yesterday that 2650 kits have become available this week and are being distributed among the counties.

Caballos said, “We also are distributing another 500 which I think are just replacing stock that was there before. So again, we hope that this will tap confidence that you all know that they’re out there; we can use them – but we’re still going to have to be careful, we cannot test every case.”

Ceballos says the state lab has expanded now and has been able to increase its analysis of the tests ten-fold. Still, he says that is not enough and the supplies needed to do the tests is short nationally.


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