News May 26, 2020

Barrasso Calls For Safe Reopening

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso is calling for an end to the COVID-19 restrictions in America, saying, “We closed down our country in order to bend the curve and make sure we had adequate medical resources. We have accomplished that goal in many places across America.” Barrasso says more than 600 doctors wrote to President Trump asking him to help end the coronavirus-related. However, Barrasso points out that we need to open smartly, safely and soon. He says as a result of the lockdowns, people have been forced to postpone important diagnostic and preventative medical procedures. Patients continue to put off doctor visits that could detect life-threatening problems like cancer and heart disease. At the same time, he says national headlines call attention to a deepening crisis in mental health care. Loneliness, family upheaval and financial pressures can increase stress, anxiety and unhealthy behavior. Furthermore, Barrasso says we must acknowledge that taking away people’s livelihoods, social supports and educational opportunities has a real negative impact, not just on individuals and families, but on entire communities.


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