Caribou-Targhee Campgrounds Open June 1

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Developed campgrounds on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest are slated to open June 1st. Actually, many campgrounds on the Forest are still inaccessible due to snow and do not open until the end of May anyway. As weather warms and crews can safely access the sites, maintenance operations are being undertaken. Hazard trees are being removed, water systems turned on and tested, campsites cleaned, and vault toilets pumped and cleaned. Forest official say the they are working closely with the concessionaire who operates many of our campgrounds and day use sites to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal COVID-19 guidelines. For efficiency and safety, visitors currently occupying developed campgrounds will be asked to relocate so sites can be inspected, prepped and maintained. In a recent news release, forest officials explain the COVID-19 has brought about certain challenges, and the concessionaire and Forest are working to overcome them. Challenges include finding additional camp hosts, procuring necessary personal protective equipment and obtaining an adequate amount of cleaning supplies. At the same time, dispersed camping, hiking and trail use, river access and other dispersed activities are already occurring all across the Forest.