- May 19, 2020

Riddell Urges Face Masks in Reopening

by Jackson Hole Radio News

State and local leaders continue to advise residents to continue to wear face masks even as restrictions are loosened in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. Friday, Teton County’s District Health Officer Dr. Travis Riddell warned that there is a risk of reverting to tighter restrictions again if there is another spike in infections.

“If we do see an significant resurgence, all those tools we’ve used in the past and more remain on the table including repeat closures. Maintaining our practices like physical distancing, hand-washing, and limiting exposure to others as much as possible remain absolutely key for us to avoid taking two steps back after the step we’ve taken forward over these last weeks,” Riddell said.

Dr. Riddell says he believes there is little doubt that we will see some degree of COVID-19 activity as we see increased mixing of our community with others, and increased gathering of people with each other within our community.