News May 18, 2020

Sled Dogs Abandoned In Montana

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A team of sled dogs were discovered abandoned and suffering at a property in Paradise Valley last Tuesday. The Stafford Animal Shelter with the help of Sleeping Giant Animal Clinic rescued and transported those animals they could save. According to the shelter, it was evident that 17 dogs were in various stages of emotional and physical distress. One of the Alaskan Huskies had already passed away and another was in such critical condition it was determined by the Veterinarian that the compassionate choice was to humanely euthanize it. Most dogs were tethered outside on 6-foot chains and lived in plastic barrels, several had broken free and had signs of injury. The animals were highly stressed, and once caught they were extremely gentle & sweet and demonstrated no aggression toward their rescuers. They were transported back to the shelter in Livingston where each dog was given a thorough intake examination, vaccinations & medications. The shelter has begun seeking new homes for the dogs.