News May 19, 2020

State Will Help Small Business

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Wyoming’s small businesses will be getting some much-needed financial help with the disbursement of federal funds authorized in a special session of the state legislature over the weekend. Teton County Representative Mike Gierau says most of the jobs in Wyoming are created by small businesses. This money he adds is going to be absolutely critical for rural small-town Wyoming.

“My friends down at the Soul Kitchen Café down in Pinedale, or the Coal Creek Coffee Company in Laramie, or just hundreds and hundreds of small businesses around the state that were brought to their knees with this pandemic and the things that had to be done at the state level to make sure it was controlled: and this is going to help with that build-up again to get our business back on their feet,” Gierau said.

Gierau says our tourism economy is going to come back strong. Moreover, Gierau says the legislature will discuss the assignment of other money to help stimulate the state’s economy, including through the tourism department. Those discussions will take place in a session set for the end of June.