Yellowstone, Grand Teton Start Opening Next Monday

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks will see a limited opening to the public beginning noon Monday, May 18th. During a conference call Wednesday, Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly announced that only two of that park’s entrance stations would be opened at first. Those two access Wyoming communities at the south and the east entrances. Inside the park itself, only the lower loop will be accessible for visitation excluding the connection with the west entrance. Sholly pointed out that with the south and east entrances being the only access to the park, only about 30% of the normal visitation is expected, thus helping facilitate a more gradual phase in. He quickly added that once a green light is given from the Governor and health officials in Montana and Idaho, the other three entrances will be opened. Sholly explained that under the Phase 1 reopening plan, the park would be available for day use only and no facilities other than restrooms and service stations would be open. Grand Teton National Park Superintendent Gopaul Noojibail echoed Sholly saying adding the primary park roads will be open for travel, but the park will also be available for day use only. Both parks will look to Phase 2 of the plan later in the month when limited services and visitor centers can be opened. Additionally, no tour busses will be permitted in the park during the first phases of reopening.