Wyoming Wolves in Colorado

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it is receiving increased reports of wolves around northern Colorado this year. Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife Dan Prenzlow says “While not all reports end up being verified as wolves, we make every effort to investigate credible sightings through on-the-ground investigations, biological sampling, and deploying a variety of survey techniques.” He admits, however that there are several known and some additional credible reports of potential wolves in the state at this time. A lone wolf was first confirmed in North Park a year ago and continues to remain in the area. It traces to the Snake River Pack in Wyoming through a radio collar. A new report comes from the Laramie River Valley in Larimer County of a wolf also wearing a radio collar, although wildlife officials have not been able to confirm the sighting. On the other side of the Rockies in Grand County, two groups of campers were surprised to see what they described as a large wolf-like animal in close proximity to their camps. Colorado Wildlife officers are searching for that animal. In the very northwest corner of Colorado, Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff continue to monitor a pack of as many as six wolves confirmed in several previous sightings by staff, hunters, and landowners. Most dispersal of wolves into Colorado is believed to have originated from the Greater Yellowstone Area.