- July 23, 2020

Another Bear Attack

by Jackson Hole Radio News

There has been yet another grizzly bear incident in the Greater Yellowstone area this week. The Park County, Wyoming Sheriff’s office received a report Tuesday afternoon from a third party that a hiker was injured by a bear near Deer Creek Pass on the Shoshone National Forest. The man had walked to the Deer Creek trailhead after the incident and was transported to Cody for medical treatment by another hiker. Interviews with the man revealed he had been hiking alone on a game trail in the Washakie Wilderness when he surprised a single grizzly bear in a day bed within seven to eight feet. The bear immediately charged, knocked the victim to the ground, then left the area.  The victim sustained injuries to his chest and arm, but was able to bandage his wounds and hike out. Due to the suddenness of the encounter, the victim was not able to deploy his bear spray. Since the incident resulted from a surprise encounter with a grizzly bear at close range and the location of the attack was remote with a low probability of locating the bear, no management action is planned at this time.