News July 20, 2020

Close Call With Bison in YNP

by Jackson Hole Radio News

When you visit Yellowstone National Park, rangers will NOT advise you to play dead if a bison is charging you. However, that’s just what a visitor from Montana did in the Nez Perce Creek area after a bison charged and she slipped an fell in her efforts to evade the animal. She played dead – and it worked. According to bystanders, the bison barreled right up to her, stopped and sniffed moving around her body, and then moved on. A video sent to Montana media outlets show two bison charging two people at the time the woman tripped and fell. It’s unclear what set the bison off or how close to them the two people were before the bison started charging at them. It’s also unclear when the incident occurred. Visitors to Yellowstone are routinely advised to stay at least 25 yards away from bison, and run away or get behind something if they show aggressive behavior.