Forest Thinning Near Pinedale

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Pinedale Ranger District of Bridger-Teton National Forest is continuing with the Skyline Wildland Urban Interface Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project. The project is a 2,247-acre project, designed to reduce and remove hazardous fuel loading along Skyline Drive including the Sylvan Bay Summer Homes, Fremont Lake Campground, Elkhart Park, Kelly Park, and White Pine Resort.  Contract and Forest Service crews are thinning trees and piling the debris to be burned at a later date. Firewood and timber products are one of the outcomes of this project.  The objective is to reduce the risk of a high intensity wildfire in these popular areas, but also to enhance wildlife habitat, recreation, timber production, forest health, and site visibility along roadways.


The tree thinning piles along roadways can be found along Skyline Drive from Kelly Park to Elkhart Park. Larger firewood diameter material was left un-piled within 40-feet of the roadway to allow the public the opportunity to gather firewood.  Firewood permits are $7.00 per cord. Currently two timber sales are occurring near the White Pine Ski area along Skyline Drive. These areas are posted with signs, motorist and recreationalist are asked to stay out of these areas and allow crews to work safely.