- July 15, 2020

Grand Teton National Park Visits Down

by Jackson Hole Radio News

June visitor use statistics have been released for Grand Teton National Park now, showing a slight increase in traffic into the park as the summer goes on. Last month, the park reported 468,193 recreational visitors into Grand Teton National Park which is a 25% decrease from June of 2019, while total visits to the park, including those for non-recreational visits declined by the same amount brining the total for June to 574,460 compared with 767,580 during June a year ago. Year to date, just over 1,285,000 have traveled into Grand Teton National Park, compared with more than 1,888,000 for the same period last year – that’s a 32% decline. Helping to increase visitation to the park, all campgrounds and some carry-out food services and cabins opened during June in Grand Teton National Park.